Netflix Spotted Testing a Pop-Out, Picture-in-Picture Video Player on Desktop

Netflix Spotted Testing a Pop-Out, Picture-in-Picture Video Player on Desktop


Who doesn’t like to binge-watch TV shows and run movie marathons on Netflix? But what if you’d like to get something done on the side as well? It may sound like a first world problem but we’ve all come across this question every once in a while. Well, Netflix is listening and the company seems to be testing a new feature that could let you watch content on top of other windows and apps.

Netflix seems to be testing a new ‘pop-out player’ that lets users watch content in a floating window. Users need to click on a small icon at the bottom of the Netflix player. Clicking on it will open a new window that plays the content. It can be resized and repositioned. It seems to work like a regular picture-in-picture mode available with other players.

Once the content is playing in the pop-out player, the main window will tell you that your pop-out player is currently working and to switch back to the main window you’ll have to click on ‘Watch Here’. The pop-out player doesn’t use the native picture-in-picture mode offered by Safari or Chrome.

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The upcoming feature was first spotted by Engadget which claims one of its staff members has the pop-out player enabled for their account.

Netflix’s pop-out player seems like a good way to watch Netflix content while you’re multitasking as the pop-out player stays on top of other windows and apps. The pop-out player doesn’t support subtitles right now.

It seems like Netflix is testing the new feature with a select set of users as of now. We couldn’t find this on our Netflix account in India yet. Netflix responded to a query posted by Engaged with an image that says, “This is only a test.” The feature may slowly roll out to everyone else soon.