Gadget Review: DVB-T Super-Flat Antenna

In our gadget review series for testing modern tech gadgets, we are happy today to review the following digital DVB-T super thin antenna. Thanks to 1byOne, this nice gadget has been shipped to us for a review. We’ve tested the gadget and will show you the details in this review article.

DVB-T Antenna gadget review

Super Flat Digital DVB-T Antenna

The first impression after un-boxing this product came quickly. The digital antenna is only 0,5 mm thin which makes it convenient for several use cases at home and for traveling. Included with the product, comes a 10 feet high performance coaxial cable. The product is colored black completely which makes it easy to integrate into the living room.

Power supply

No separate power supply is needed. This DVB-T antenna is powered passively through the coaxial cable. This will work with almost all antenna connectors of TVs and DAB radios.

Free DVB-T channels

Receiving public DVB-T channels is out of cost. Depending on the area and signal strength, different free channels can be received using this digital antenna. But not only TV channels can be received. Users can also enjoy available radio programs for a DAB or alternative receiving device.

Installation & Mounting

The digital DVB-T antenna is quite easy to install. All you have to do, is to find the best place with strong signal for it to mount the antenna. The antenna cable can be extended by standard coaxial cable, but the distance should not be too long, because the electric resistor will increase together with the distance of the antenna cable. It can be mounted directly close to the TV, behind a cupboard or on a window sill. The rounded design is meant to receive the DVB-T signal from every given direction.

Operating range

The operating range is specified up to 35 mile (ca. 56 km) from the next given broadcasting tower. However, this operating range can vary depending on the geographical and weather conditions. In our tests, the signal was very good given the fact, that the distance to the next broadcasting tower is actually more than 50 kilometers long.

DVB-T Antenna gadget review

Product Specifications

Antenna type: DVB-T Digital indoor antenna
Technology: Omni directional HDTV with 1080p Full-HD
Range: up to 35 miles range (up to 56 km)
Cable: 10 feet high performance coaxial cable (ca. 3 meters)
Frequency range: 47 – 230 MHz, 470 – 862 MHz
Frequency band: FM, VHF & UHF
Amplification: 5 – 7 dB
Voltage: passive
TV channel costs: free of charge, receive all local channels, news and radio programs
Warranty: 12 month warranty by manufacturer


DVB-T Antenna gadget review

Review conclusion

Our test product of the digital DVB-T antenna worked really well. It even found 2 more channels that our old antenna did not receive. Considering the very affordable price, this antenna is worth the money.

The product is available for ca. $14.99 on Amazon. You can get it HERE.

We hope you liked this review and please let us know your thoughts of any kind in the comment section below ?