Equipment Important To Undercover Officers

Sometimes to get the desired outcome during a criminal investigation, officers have to go undercover to gather necessary intel or evidence. This situation can be highly dangerous, so those officers who brave this task should take all precautions to stay safe. This means carrying along a few items designed to do just that. Let’s take a look at some items that every undercover officer should have.

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A Good Weapons Holster

An undercover officer’s main defence lies with their service weapon. To be an effective defence asset, an undercover officer’s gun should be easily accessible, comfortable to wear, and hard to detect. Typically, there are three places to place a concealed weapons holster. These places are on the side of the hip, center of the back at the waist, and just under the arm. To maintain comfort and concealability, officers may have to settle for a physically smaller firearm.

Backup Knife

Next on the list is a knife. Like the firearm, this knife should be easily concealed and equally easy to snap open from a folded position. The hip is generally the best place to conceal this weapon. If suddenly caught in close quarter combat, then having this fast accessed blade could be a lifesaver.


Weather uniformed or undercover, it’s good for an officer to keep a flashlight of some type handy. When accessing darkly lit daytime areas or examining a scene at night, having a small portable light to get a better view of things is an invaluable tool. This is especially true when you only have a single opportunity to quickly and covertly go through a room or search a vehicle.

Taking on an undercover assignment can be a dicey situation that can go wrong at any moment. Having the tools to negate a hostile helps to ease the stress level though. Having these tools provides a sense of comfort and confidence that no matter what happens, good or bad, you have the means and ability to walk away from the situation unharmed.