3 Potential Party Themes

Throwing a party is fun. Adding a theme makes the party more fun and gives it more cohesion. This cohesion allows your guests to know what to expect from the festivities. It gives them the opportunity to dress appropriately, and if they would like to bring something to share with other guests, it gives them a direction. Maui party rentals gives you the chance to execute your party’s theme with ease.

Here are three potential party themes to consider.

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Rustic Chic

If you have ever dreamed of life in the isolated prairie, you can bring some of those elements to your party. You may not be able to procure enough space to bring a herd of cattle and horses, but you can certainly rent furniture that brings a rustic air to the event. Rustic chic is most often defined by distressed wooden furniture, a minimalist table where your guests will dine and a rough overall design. Neutral colors blended with blues are common for the decorations with natural accents.

Beach Party

A beach party theme is often fun, even for those who already live on the coast and within driving distance to the sand. For this theme, consider renting lots of wooden pieces. A rental company will often have in their inventory surfboard shaped tables and decorations. Beach towel-inspired furnishings are also fun as they can be used for napkins, throw pillows to sit on and other table decorations. You may also set up a snack shack similar to those often seen in the beach blanket movies.

Game Night

Game night has become a common theme for couples who gather with their friends and parties. You can take the board game route, or you can contact a party rental company to find out if they have an air hockey table, ping pong table or foosball table available. Human-size versions of your favorite board games may also be up for grabs.

Adding a theme to your next party is fun for your guests and yourself. For the appropriate decorations, check out the maui party rentals inventory.